Jerry Remy played in the major leagues, so he has some experience dealing with trade deadlines.

Before Monday night’s game at Fenway Park, the former Boston Red Sox second baseman talked about how difficult it is to stay focused during the days leading up to the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline.

“I’ve been in situations like this when you’re in the clubhouse and you’re looking over your shoulder every day wondering if you’re going to end up with a contending team,” Remy said. “That’s what’s going on with the Red Sox now. They’ll say, ‘I’m happy to be here’ or ‘I want to be here,’ but you can bet there’s a bunch of guys down there that think they have a chance to go to a contending ballclub, and that’s what they think about all week long.”

With the Red Sox sitting last in the American League East, it won’t be a surprise to see a few big names shipped to contending teams, but the team probably hopes its players will be focused on the game until anything major happens.