Rex RyanNew York Jets head coach Rex Ryan isn’t afraid of talking about himself, or anyone else for that matter. He’s never worried about the consequences of his words.

That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ryan feels he’s a “great coach,” or that the New England Patriots should be worried about the Jets this season.

“Somebody asked me if we focus on New England. Bull—-,” Ryan told the New York Post. “We’re focused on us. We’re focused on us and how are we going to be better. I have to be honest, I don’t worry about them. They need to worry about us. I think that’s really where we’re at now.”

Ryan then talked about himself as a coach, telling the New York Daily News that he “absolutely knows” he’s a great coach.

“Do I think that I’m a great coach? I absolutely know I’m a great coach,” Ryan said. “But it’s not just about me. What makes a great coach is the people that surround you, the people that are with you every day.”

Ryan did admit that he might be less-than-great as an offensive mind.

“You know what? I’m not as good in certain areas,” Ryan said. “I get it. No question, I get it. Are there better offensive coaches than me? Yeah.”

Ryan led the Jets to an eight-win season in 2013. The Jets square off with New England on Oct. 16 in Foxboro and Dec. 21 in New Jersey.

Photo via Twitter/@SINow