MLB: Boston Red Sox at Oakland AthleticsJohn Farrell’s Boston Red Sox won the American League pennant last year, so he’ll manage the AL team in the All-Star Game later this month. That means he’ll also have a say in picking the team’s reserve players.

That has made some wonder if Red Sox super utility man Brock Holt’s name could come up in the discussion.

So should Holt make the cut?

“There’s been some conversation about him, and yet because of those other factors, you don’t have carte blanche to (build) a 34-man roster,” Farrell told WEEI. “(Players are) realistic. They see the years other players have had, and the All-Star Game is representative of a guy’s year currently being had.

“I have seven (picks), but you also have to take into account a number of factors. Every team being represented. We’re mandated to have a 13-man pitching staff. So, there’s a few things that narrow down your overall selections.”

If what Farrell said about the All-Star Game being representative of a guy’s current year, then Holt definitely should be considered. He’s batting .322 with a .367 on-base percentage and .441 slugging percentage. And his defense certainly isn’t lacking.

While Holt is worthy of a selection for the time being, it’s not necessarily likely he’ll make it. Perhaps a little convincing from Farrell could help, but as he said, other factors will make it difficult for Holt to get the nod.

Photo via Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports Images