The Boston Red Sox snapped their five-game losing streak Sunday in a 3-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. That said, there are still many questions about who may stay on the team by the time the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline rolls around.

A couple of Red Sox players upset about playing time and wanting a change of scenery are Mike Carp and Felix Doubront.

Carp expressed disapproval about his limited role on the team recently, and Doubront isn’t happy about being relegated from starter to long reliever.

Manager John Farrell said before Sunday’s game that while he respects Doubront’s desire for an expanded role, the current circumstances surrounding the team make it difficult to find a spot for the lefty in the starting rotation.

Doubront has been inconsistent this season with an ERA of 5.22 and a 2-4 record, and Farrell thinks that with the athleticism the young left-handed pitcher possesses, he can be better.

“When you start to grade out the physical abilities, you would think that he’s certainly capable of more,” said Farrell.

Hear more of what Farrell had to say about Doubront in the video above.