Kobe Bryant has only played in six basketball games since April 2013 because of various injuries.

While fans of the Los Angeles Lakers are wondering how healthy the Black Mamba will be when he returns, Bryant is showing that he’s recovering just fine.

The five-time NBA champion drilled a home run during a recent charity softball game at Safeco Field in Seattle hosted by Richard Sherman.

Just look at that sweet swing.

Yes, we know it’s a charity softball game with a short fence; Bryant isn’t going to be manning the Dodgers outfield any time soon.

However, seeing that Bryant is well enough to hit left-handed home runs and run bases without pain should give every NBA fan something to cheer about because basketball is always better with a healthy Kobe Bryant.

Also participating in the softball game were Sherman, Nate Robinson, Lawyer Milloy, Macklemore and a plethora of Seahawks players.

Bryant also didn’t gain many fans in Oklahoma City after stating that he’d much rather be in Seattle during a playoff series than in OKC.


Thumbnail photo via Twitter/@LakersSquad