Poker Player At WSOP Loses $1 Million After Incredible Bad Beat (Video)

Poker is a cruel game sometimes.

Even when the odds are stacked in your favor, it only takes a little bit of bad luck for everything to quickly fall apart.

In the $1 million buy-in tournament at the 2014 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Connor Drinan was eliminated in one of the most incredible hands we’ve seen in quite some time.

Cary Katz raised pre-flop, at which point Drinan decided to go all-in. Katz called, and the two men revealed their matching pocket aces. The only way for either player to win was on a flush, and there was just a 2 percent chance of that happening.

After two hearts appeared on the flop, Katz’s chances of winning increased. He won the hand when two more hearts appeared on the turn and the river.

To make matters worse for Drinan, he did not finish in a money spot and lost $1 million. Check out his excruciating exit from the tournament in the video below.