Streaker Runs Onto Field During Germany-Argentina World Cup Game (Video)


If you’re looking to be world-famous, running on the field during a World Cup final is a pretty good way to achieve that.

Or at least that was the mindset of one YouTube prankster.

Russian comedian Vitaly Zdorovetskiy got his 15 minutes of fame Sunday when he rushed the field semi-clothed during the 2014 FIFA World Cup final matchup between Argentina and Germany. Zdorovetskiy ran around the field with the words “Natural born prankster” written on his stomach, and even attempted to give Germany’s Benedikt Howedes a kiss on the cheek.

The broadcast cut away from the shenanigans, but none other than LeBron James captured a video and posted it to his Instagram.

Zdorovetskiy also hinted at the stunt on Twitter the night before the big game.

Photo via Twitter/@SMHsport

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