World CupTwitter proves to us that the World Cup does, indeed, get the entire planet revved up for soccer.

This Twitter map shows the amount of activity on the social media site talking about the Germany-Algeria Round of 16 game on Monday. Germany won a thriller 2-1 in extra time, with Algeria scoring in the final minute as it sought the tying goal.

Notice how the entire globe lights up during goals scored by both countries and when the game ends. Also, notice how despite being the most populous country in the world, there isn’t a single flash in China.

The map for Tuesday’s Round of 16 game featuring the United States and Belgium will be incredible. The U.S. hasn’t reached the quarterfinals of a World Cup since 2002.


Photo of the Night

After throwing no-hit baseball for 7 2/3 innings, Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs received a rare standing ovation from a road crowd. [tweet align=”center”]

Video of the Night

Sam Gagner has had a tumultuous 24 hours. After being traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the Tampa Bay Lightning, Gagner was immediately traded to the Arizona Coyotes about two hours later. A fan paid tribute to Gagner’s two-hour career with the Lightning in this hilarious video.

Tweet of the Night

Even in the offseason, Roberto Luongo’s Twitter game is in top form. [tweet align=”center”]