A couple of New Orleans Saints players are getting cozy at training camp — but it’s not like they have any other choice.

Receiver Andy Tanner and fullback Austin Johnson are just two young guys hoping to make the Saints’ final roster, but they’ll have to accomplish that dream with just one bed in the room they are sharing at the historic Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.

Whether it’s a prank or simply a mix-up at the hotel, these two are certain to become the best of friends in those close of quarters if they don’t get the situation resolved in the next three weeks. They seem to be making the best of the situation, though, as they were both delighted to discover a “water fountain” in their bathroom.

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While teammate Jimmy Graham was none too pleased with the pink floral-patterned wallpaper that covered his room, something tells us that he has toned down his complaints after hearing about Tanner and Johnson’s current situation.