Bill Belichick: ‘I Don’t Know Anything About Soccer,’ Not Even Rules


Bill BelichickCall the sport of soccer “unlucky,” because it lacks a fan in Bill Belichick.

The New England Patriots head coach was asked about the the New England Revolution’s acquisition of Jermaine Jones, for some reason, and the normally staid coach supplied one of the the great passive-aggressive responses. Basically, Belichick admitted that he knows the Patriots and the Revs play in the same building — but that’s about all he knows.

“We’re all under the same roof,” Belichick said, according to a transcript. “We’re just trying to go out there and win football games. I don’t know anything about soccer. I don’t even know what the rules are. I’m just trying to coach the Patriots and win football games, that’s all.”

Make no mistake, Belichick wanted to make it quite clear he had no time for silly soccer questions. He quickly realized he slipped up a bit with his “win football games” remark, which could be misconstrued as him referring to the beautiful game by the name its known around the world. (“Hey, Belichick said the Pats and Revs are both just trying to win football games! Our sports are kindred spirits!”)

But, nope, Belichick immediately clarified what he meant by “football” by referring to the other game as “soccer” in his very next sentence.

By the way, Bill, here is the rule in soccer: You can’t use your hands. That’s about the extent of the rule book.

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