David Price Includes His Dog Astro In Thank You Ad To Rays (Photos)


Like many athletes in the past, former Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price took out a full page ad in the city’s newspaper to thank the organization and its fans after he was traded to the Detroit Tigers.

But unlike many athletes, Price made sure the Rays knew that his French bulldog, Astro, was thankful, too.

Price’s Tampa Bay Times note was actually quite thoughtful, expressing his gratitude for everyone in the organization from the late Don Zimmer to “Vinny in the parking lot,” but the end is what made it unique.

“Astro and I love you all,” Price wrote in the ad, which ran Tuesday. “We miss you already. Although we begin a new chapter on the mound tonight, we will never forget you.”

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And even though Astro will miss his home in Florida, he seems to be doing just fine in Detroit.

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