Dennis SeidenbergDennis Seidenberg tried the best he could to make an early return from a torn knee ligament, but he ran out of time when the Boston Bruins were eliminated in the second round of last spring’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

That might have been a blessing in disguise for Seidenberg, as he’s now had all the time in the world to rehab the ACL/MCL injury he suffered last December in a game against the Ottawa Senators. The veteran defenseman has been working hard to be 100 percent when training camp begins next month, and it certainly sounds like he’s on track.

“I think the more I go on (the ice), the more my knee gets used to it, and like always, I never feel good when I start skating every summer — so it will take some time, but once training camp starts, I should be fine,” he told the team’s website. “I mean, I have a new ligament in my knee, and everything else was just kind of kept still for quite a while, everything just shut down, so you have to re-train your leg, your muscles, get it stable and then get it to work the way you want it, so it takes some time.

“And that’s why an injury like this takes such a long time, they say 6-8 months, so it really does, but I think in the end, everything will be good.”

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Photo via Twitter/@NHLBruins