ESPNW Writers Create ‘Relationship-Based’ Fantasy Football Rating System


Williams SistersFantasy football is, like, so hard, right ladies?

That’s why the “Sisters Williams,” writing for ESPNW, created a “simple relationship-based rating system” for drafting your fantasy team. Because apparently women just can’t understand statistics.

Here’s just a taste of how their system works: “LeSean McCoy and Calvin Johnson are two of the very best players in the game, so we consider them ‘Marriage Material’ (elite players). Arian Foster and Andre Johnson? ‘Boyfriend Potential’ (terrific catches). Wes Welker and Vernon Davis — ‘It’s Complicated’ (pretty good placeholders until you find something better). And so on.”

Courtney Kirby, Brandon Marianne Lee and Ashley Williams also go on to assume that “fantasy football is all about relationships. Sure, the stats and matchups matter. But most of us play because it keeps us connected with friends and family.”

Or most of us play because we love football.

As a fantasy football enthusiast who also happens to be female, I disagree with the “Sisters Williams” that women need their own special ratings system. I understand they’re trying to simplify things for women who don’t want fantasy football “as their second job,” but that doesn’t require stereotyping them and assuming they’ll only understand the sport in terms of relationships.

So here’s my advice. Fantasy football rankings don’t vary that much from website to website, so pick one and stick with it if you don’t want to do the research (NESN has some great fantasy content, if you’re interested). You don’t need these sisters to tell you that you won’t understand what’s out there because you will. And that’s because I’m assuming you’re a fan of the game and not someone who’s just trying to spend more time with her friends.

Also, if you always felt “too intimidated to try,” as the Sisters Williams suggested, you should probably get some new friends because those people sound like jerks.

No one should make you feel intimidated to try something, but no one should make you feel stupid, either.

Photo via Twitter/@FantasyInsider

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