Not many quarterbacks experience their greatest moment during the preseason, but that might be the case for New York Jets third-stringer Matt Simms.

During Friday night’s game against the New York Giants, Simms connected with Greg Salas for a fourth-quarter touchdown, but it was what the signal-caller did after the score that had everybody talking, but mostly laughing. Simms busted out his best dance moves, as he turned around and gave the crowd a little taste of the salsa.

While Simm’s hip shaking was a treat, the ref’s reaction to what he was witnessing was even better.

“The ref just looked at me and started shaking his head, he was like ‘C’mon man, really?’ So, I couldn’t help it, was like ‘Sorry’ and kept walking by,” Simms said, via Yahoo! Sports.

The salsa, which is Victor Cruz’s trademark celebration, was something Simms had told his fellow quarterbacks he would be doing be doing earlier in the week if he threw a touchdown. Fortunately for the Internet, Simms is a man of his word.

The QB also added after the game that it wasn’t meant as a taunt to Cruz, as the two are actually friends.

“Not at all, I was just having some fun, nothing personal. I actually worked out with Victor in the offseason this year. I know him personally,” Simms explained, according to Yahoo! Sports. “I didn’t take a jab at him or anything like that. I was just having some fun with something that everyone knows in the stadium.”