The camera always finds Johnny Manziel.

It certainly seems to be the case when the Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback is off the field, and it’s definitely the case when he’s on it.

Apparently Manziel isn’t aware of this yet, and the reaction he showed when he supposedly found out that TV cameras had caught him flipping the bird toward the Washington Redskins sideline proves it.

That’s Cleveland Browns communications coordinator Rob McBurnett whispering something in Manziel’s ear shortly after the bird was flipped.

It definitely seems like McBurnett was telling Manziel that cameras caught him flipping the ‘Skins off, because the shock on Manziel’s face is one that says, “Oh God, I’m about to be trending on Twitter again for all the wrong reasons.”

Of course, the media uproar surrounding the most famous bird in football has been incessant, and the moment has seemingly labeled Manziel as a player who still has a lot to learn in the league.