Josh Reddick’s Attempt To Throw Runner Out Doesn’t Go Too Well (Video)


Josh Reddick has a pretty decent arm in right field, so when Kansas City Royals baserunner Jarrod Dyson decided to hold up at second after a single from teammate Omar Infante, it seemed like a wise decision.

That is, until Reddick tried to throw the ball.

The Oakland A’s outfielder provided viewers with a hilarious blooper when the ball slipped out of his hand during his throw attempt and landed approximately two feet in front of him.

We hate to pick on Reddick here, but that was pretty funny.

Unfortunately for the A’s, Reddick’s mishap allowed Dyson to scamper to third base and score one batter later on a groundout from catcher Salvador Perez.

The Royals went on to win 3-2, pushing them to the top of the American League Central in mid-August for the first time in over a decade.

On the bright side, Reddick still has an awesome walk-up song. So there’s that.

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