Kid With Popcorn Bucket On Head Drilled With Foul Ball, Falls Onto Field (Video)


popcorn bucket hatAs the old saying goes, if you’re going to get hit in the head with a baseball, make sure you’re at least wearing your popcorn bucket helmet.

A young Washington Nationals fan saw the Nats walk off with yet another dramatic win on Wednesday night, but it came at a price.

The youngster presumably was having himself one heckuva time. He got to see the red-hot, first-place Nationals eventually run their winning streak to nine games, and he also apparently enjoyed a big old tub of popcorn. He even fashioned himself a hat out of that large bucket of buttery bliss.

That’s when disaster struck.

In the sixth inning, Washington outfielder Bryce Harper laced a foul ball down the right-field line. The kid — wearing his popcorn bucket hat and Harper shirt — saw a chance to add to his wonderful night by grabbing a foul ball. He raced to the wall and reached over to try to snag the hot-shot. But the ball took a wicked carom and struck the young guy right in the head. Making matters worse, the kid fell onto the field where he eventually needed to be helped off by the ball girl.

He appeared a little dazed, but OK. Thank goodness he was wearing that popcorn helmet.

[mlbvideo id=”35531769″ width=”640″ height=”360″ /]

(Tip of the popcorn bucket hat to Deadspin)

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