Mariners Scout: Jesus Montero Ice Cream Incident Not Accurately Reported


jesus monteroJesus Montero’s alleged ice cream-throwing might not have gone down exactly as reported.

Butch Baccala, the Seattle Mariners scout who reportedly heckled Montero, delivered an ice cream sandwich to the former stud prospect in the dugout and had said sandwich thrown back at him at a minor league game in Boise, told The Seattle Times on Friday that what occurred is “not what is being portrayed.”

Baccala said he did not want to go into detail about the incident until first speaking with Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik but denied claims that he was attempting to provoke Montero, who is currently on a rehab assignment with the Everett AquaSox.

?Of course I wasn?t,?? Baccala said. ?Why would I? I work for the Mariners. I?ve worked my (butt) off for the Mariners. Why would I do anything to hurt anybody? That wasn?t even close to the intention.

?I don?t want to lose my job. I love my job.??

Baccala said he’d provide more information on this bizarre controversy at a later date.

Photo via Twitter/@SInow

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