Billy CundiffThe NFL might be moving extra points back for good.

When the league decided to implement a preseason experiment moving extra points to the 15-yard line, some wondered if it would make any difference in terms of making the game more entertaining.

Two weeks are done in the preseason and it seems it might actually be working.

From the 133 extra points attempted during the preseason, there have been eight misses, which is equivalent to a 94 percent success rate. Last season, in 17 weeks there were only five misses total out of 1,183 extra point attempts.

More misses means more entertainment and drama, especially late in the game. Because of this, NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said he expects the rule to stay when the regular starts, according to Paul Pabst of “The Dan Patrick Show.”

It’ll be interesting to see how an increased rate of missed extra points will affect the outcome of games, especially in games with higher stakes.

Photo via Brad Mills/USA TODAY Sports Images