The Notre Dame football program may be embroiled in a developing academic scandal, but at least they have new uniforms.

The Fighting Irish football team unveiled its new Under Armour uniforms on Tuesday, and there’s plenty of good news for traditionalists. It doesn’t look like there was much done to Notre Dame’s traditional home and away uniforms, as there’s a pretty standard blue and gold design for both.

The home uniform: [tweet align=’center’]

The away uniform: [tweet align=’center’]

Any differences from past uniforms are slight, as the kit looks awfully similar to what Notre Dame has been rocking for years.

Where there are some changes, however, is in the team’s “Shamrock Series” uniforms. The Fighting Irish will wear this alternate look on Sept. 13 against Purdue. [tweet align=’center’]

Finally, here’s a look at how the “Shamrock Series” uniforms were designed.