Paul George Tries To Cheer Himself Up By Buying New Ferrari (Photos)


The normal person breaks their leg and then spends a good bulk of the rehab process laying on the couch and trying to cheer themselves up by eating horrible food and watching even worse TV. Professional athletes, on the other hand, buy sports cars.

Indiana Pacers forward Paul George broke his leg Friday in a Team USA exhibition scrimmage and is likely to miss the entire 2014-15 NBA season. So what did he do to cheer himself up? He bought himself a really expensive automobile, of course.

George on Tuesday posted an Instagram picture of his brand-new white Ferrari 458, a car that costs in excess of $200,000. It looks really nice. It’s also probably very fast.

As George pointed out, he’s not going to be able to drive that impressive machine for a while — it’s tough to use the pedals when you have a broken right leg — but hey, it still beats the pants off laying on the couch, eating ice cream and feeling sorry for yourself like us regular folks.

(Hat tip to USA TODAY For The Win)

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