Report: NFL, M.I.A. Settle Over Middle Finger At Super Bowl Halftime Show


LOVEBOX 2014 - Day 2The two-year battle between the NFL and M.I.A. is over.

ProFootballTalk reported that the two sides reached a confidential settlement Friday in the dispute over the Sri Lankan rapper’s two-minute performance with Madonna during Super Bowl XLVI, during which she flashed the middle finger.

Though we won’t learn how much money M.I.A. forked over to the league, the NFL was said to be asking for $16.6 million — $1.5 for breaching the terms of her contract and tarnishing the league’s reputation and $15.1 million in restitution.

Interestingly enough, the settlement comes on the same day that Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel was reportedly fined $15,000 for giving the Washington Redskins’ bench a middle finger that was caught on camera during a preseason game Monday.

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