Ryan Lochte: Michael Phelps ‘Owes Me Some Money’ Over Comeback To Pool


Ryan Lochte and Michael PhelpsOne would think Ryan Lochte might be a little upset because of the increased competition brought by Michael Phelps’ return to the pool for a 2016 Olympics bid.

But it’s the exact opposite.

Lochte seems to be enjoying the renewed rivalry and is glad to have his friend back in the pool with him.

That’s not the only reason why Lochte is happy, though. He bet Phelps that the 22-time Olympic medal winner would come back from retirement in 2012.

“I said, ‘I guarantee you’ll be back before the Olympics,’ ” Lochte told USA TODAY Sports. “He’s like, ‘No way, I’m done.’ …

“He owes me some money.” ​

The two could square off four times in the U.S. national championships in Irvine, Calif., this week, and it’ll only be a preview of more to come in the future.

Photo via Andrew P. Scott/USA TODAY Sports Images

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