Yankees’ Francisco Cervelli Takes Foul Ball To Groin, Stays In Game (Video)


Catchers wear a ton of protective equipment both inside and outside of their uniforms, but sometimes that’s not enough. Francisco Cervelli got a tough reminder of that Wednesday night.

The New York Yankees catcher was felled by a foul ball from Detroit Tigers outfielder Rajai Davis. That’s nothing out of the ordinary, as catchers get hit by foul balls all the time. It’s usually quite painful.

However, it’s where Cervelli was hit by this particular foul ball that should make every member of the male gender cringe. Davis’ foul ball struck Cervelli right in … well, sometimes it’s better to show you than tell you.

“No, not the collarbone. Nope.”

One can only imagine what Cervelli was telling the trainer and manager Joe Girardi as he was motioning to his throat after being hit in a much different place, but that’s neither here nor there. The miraculous part, of course, is that Cervelli somehow stayed in the game.

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