Yankees Hated Across Entire World, According To MLB ‘Hate Map’ (Photos)


The New York Yankees have a long, storied history of winning, which means they also have a long history of being hated. Apparently that hate extends not only across America but across the world, too.

After an NFL “hate map” popped up on the Internet over the weekend, the MLB hate map has appeared, once again generated on Reddit. As one might imagine, the Yankees are hated all over the world.

In America, the Yankees hate starts where you might imagine: New England. However, it also extends to just about every part of the country, as pointed out by the United States map.

The Yankees aren’t alone in being hated, though. The Boston Red Sox get their share of hate, too. New York, of course, hates the Sox, as does Florida, presumably in light of the Boston-Tampa Bay rivalry. Missouri apparently also hates the Red Sox (two World Series losses in 10 years will do that), and Louisiana randomly has disdain for the Sox.

MLB Hate Map 1

However, where the Evil Empire’s impact is really felt is on the world map. The Yankees are the world’s heel, as you can see in the Earth map. The Yankees are just about universally hated, except for Australia’s random dislike of the Los Angeles Dodgers — perhaps the Dodgers were poor guests when they opened this season Down Under.

MLB Hate Map 2

And for good measure, here’s the Canadian hate map, which certainly varies across the country, including a puzzling Northwest Territories hatred of the San Diego Padres.

MLB Hate Map 3

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