Adam Jones Inadvertently Destroys ESPN Camera With Foul Ball (GIF)


Want to know what it looks like to have a baseball strike you right in the face without actually suffering a concussion?

Thanks to Adam Jones and ESPN’s “mid-home Robo Cam,” that experience is now possible.

During Sunday night’s game between the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees, Jones fouled off a Hiroki Kuroda pitch behind home plate that struck the “Robo Cam” square in the lens, shattering it into thousands of pieces.


So much for that Robo Cam.

Jones likely has broken a few windows in his day. Fortunately for him, he probably won’t be mailed an invoice from ESPN asking him to pay for the expensive camera he obliterated on national television.

Undeterred by the Robo Cam’s destruction, the Orioles went on to win the game, 3-2.

GIF via CBS Sports

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