The season hasn’t even started, but the Bakersfield Condors already have proven they have the best promotional jerseys in the ECHL.

The team announced Wednesday that it will bust out special “Puffy Shirt” jerseys for its Nov. 16 game to commemorate the 25th anniversary of “Seinfeld.” [tweet align=’center’]

But, wait, it gets better. While the players won’t appear on the “Today” show with the goofy, white shirts like Jerry did in the classic episode, they will have Seinfeld character names, not their own names, on the back of their jerseys.

The team already has confirmed 20 names that will be used on the Seinfeld-themed night, including: Jerry, George, Kramer, Newman, Frank Costanza, Puddy, J. Peterman, Steinbrenner, Morty Seinfeld, Uncle Leo, Art Vandelay, Kenny Bania, Lloyd Braun, Jackie Chiles, Crazy Joe Davola, Mandelbaum, Bubble Boy, Keith Hernandez, Mickey Abbott and Assman.

The Condors also will host an Elaine-style dance-off and a rickshaw race during intermission, and “the world’s greatest Kramer impersonator” will be on hand to take pictures, sign autographs and drop the puck.

The (awesome) jerseys will be auctioned off for charity.