Brazilian Goalkeeper Scores Comically Unlucky Own Goal (Video)


Saturday was not Joao Carlos’ lucky day.

Joao, a goalkeeper for Brazilian second-division club Boa Esporte, scored an own goal that was so unlucky we only can laugh at it.

Visiting Boa Esporte was trailing Avai 1-0 in the 88th minute when misfortune struck. Joao left his line as he tried to thwart Avai’s counter-attack but failed to connect with a cross. An Avai player shot, a defender blocked it off the goal line and cleared it right into Joao’s head.

Of course, the ball ricocheted into the goal. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking about it.

Joao’s own goal confirmed Boa Esporte’s 2-0 defeat, putting some distance between second-place Avai and sixth-place Boa Esporte in the race for promotion to Brazil’s Serie A (first division).

Brazilian soccer is the gift that keeps on giving in more ways than we care to count.

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