Brett Favre Spokesman For Nose Hair Trimmer To ‘Get His Groom Back’ (Video)


The list of Brett Favre’s passing records is rivaled only by his list of endorsements.

The former Green Bay Packers quarterback has upped his endorsement game in retirement, and he’s now entered the world of men’s grooming.

A new commercial featuring Favre as a spokesman for MicroTouch started to make its way around the Internet on Tuesday. The spot features Favre — who’s lately been showing off a mountain man look — coming in off his tractor to “get his groom back.” That includes using the MicroTouch to clean up, including his nose hairs.

The clean-shaven look makes the 44-year-old look a few years younger. Hopefully not young enough to think that he can make yet another return to the NFL, though.

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