Chris Berman Interrupts Own Speech On Ray Rice To Call Blocked Punt (Video)


Don’t you hate it when a blocked punt ruins your rambling thoughts on a domestic-violence issue?

ESPN’s Chris Berman knows a thing or two about that.

Berman and Trent Dilfer were in the booth for Monday night’s Arizona Cardinals-San Diego Chargers game, and like everyone else in the sports world, their minds were on the Ray Rice controversy and the league’s handling of the situation.

The broadcasters were in the midst of a cringe-worthy discussion about the Ravens, who released the running back, and the NFL, who shortly afterward suspended him indefinitely, when Berman’s message veered sharply off course. Boomer’s thoughts were interrupted by the Chargers blocking a punt, and well, the end result of the Rice fiasco combined with the action on the field wasn’t pretty.

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