Patrice BergeronBOLTON, Mass. — Claude Julien didn’t reveal much Tuesday about his game plan for the upcoming season, but he did offer one nugget that might appeal to those who have called for the Boston Bruins coach to adopt a more dynamic system.

Julien told reporters at the team’s annual preseason golf tournament that the Bruins will try to be “a tad more aggressive” this season — emphasis on the “tad.”

“Just some small adjustments. Not huge, just tweaks here and there,” Julien said. “Maybe a little bit more through the neutral zone. We’re going to try to just be a tad more aggressive. So, don’t be running with this and say ‘they’re going to be way more aggressive’ — a tad more aggressive. OK, guys? A tad. Where we could maybe turn the puck over a little quicker and spend some more time with it.”

This strategy sounds like somewhat of a departure from previous seasons — although, Julien stressed, not too much of a departure — when the Bruins placed more importance on controlling the puck and the pace than trying to force turnovers in the neutral zone.

Center Patrice Bergeron didn’t shed any light on what exactly about Julien’s system will be tweaked, but he said aggressively play does have its benefits when applied correctly.

“That’s a good part about our coaching staff, is always trying to make our system better and find ways to improve it,” Bergeron said. “I’m sure whatever (the adjustment) is, it’s going to be for the best of the team. Being more aggressive — if you’re smart — is never a bad thing.”