JagsThe Jacksonville Jaguars don’t want their fans standing up excessively throughout their games.

The team sent out a letter to season-ticket holders telling fans to not stand up so much at EverBank Field.

“The Jaguars have received multiple reports of individuals standing excessively without respect to other fans in the area,” the letter read, via SB Nation’s Big Cat Country blog. “To be courteous to fans around you when you are standing and cheering for the team, we ask that you please stand with the flow of the game, making sure not to block aisles or prevent the flow of traffic.”

Considering the Jaguars ranked 28th in attendance last year, it’s hard to believe that standing up at a Jaguars game could actually obstruct¬†someone’s view of the game. And with the way the team has been playing over the last few years, one might actually be doing somebody a favor by blocking their view of another Chad Henne sack.

That said, excessive standing seems to be a real problem at EverBank, and the Jaguars want to make sure it doesn’t happen. But for those who do want to stand for the whole game, they can relocate their tickets to one of the two¬†“Standing Encouraged” sections.

Read the full letter here.

Photo via Phil Sears/USA TODAY Sports Images