Keith Olbermann: Derek Jeter Not Greatest Shortstop Who Ever Lived (Video)


Keith Olbermann took down Derek Jeter, and he did it with pure statistics.

There’s been much fanfare surrounding the New York Yankees shortstop in his final season, and Olbermann hasn’t been buying it. And he took a moment — well, several moments — on his eponymous ESPN show to list the reasons why.

Olbermann used the facts to show that not only is Derek Jeter not the best baseball player ever, he’s not even the best Yankee ever. None of Jeter’s statistics — although they’re Hall-of- Fame worthy — top any lists in Yankees or MLB history. Jeter, as Olbermann points out, simply is fresh in our memories as baseball fans, which is why he’s getting a farewell tour whether you think he’s deserving or not.

The rant is long, but it’s well worth a watch.

H/t to For The Win

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