Keith Olbermann Takes Down NFL Again, Labels It ‘National Freefall League’ (Video)

Say what you want about Keith Olbermann, but there are very few in the TV business today who can deliver strong, thought-provoking commentary like he can.

Olbermann’s self-titled show has been can’t-miss TV during these recent run of NFL controversies. The decorated media personality has left no stone unturned and is coming down hard on just about everyone involved in the recent violence and abuse issues that have shook the NFL.

Olbermann recently had commissioner Roger Goodell in the crosshairs on more than one occasion, as Olbermann hammered Goodell and the league for its handling of the Ray Rice saga, even calling for Goodell to step down from his position.

In his first show since Adrian Peterson was indicted on a felony charge of injury to a child, Olbermann was right back at it on Monday. He jumped all over Peterson for his alleged actions and again dropped the hammer on Goodell.

See it all below.