Map Shows Most Popular NFL Team By State Based On Jersey Sales (Photo)


Dick’s Sporting Goods figured out the most popular teams by state based on their own jersey sales, and some of what they found actually was a bit puzzling.

Most teams took their home state, and some that didn’t still were able to grab a bordering state, like the Cincinnati Bengals did with Kentucky. But after that, things got a little weird.

For some reason, the Cleveland Browns sell a lot of jerseys in Oklahoma, and the Green Bay Packers are king in Idaho. The Oakland Raiders also won Montana after losing California to the San Francisco 49ers.

Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii and Nebraska boasted some strange allegiances, as well.

NFL Jersey Sales Map

A handful of teams weren’t as lucky as the rest, though. The Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers all failed to make the map.

Photo via Dick’s Sporting Goods

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