NFL Week 1 TV Schedule Map: Patriots-Dolphins Dominates Local Region


If you live in western Massachusetts and have basic cable, you might not be able to watch the New England Patriots play the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

CBS will broadcast of full slate of NFL games this Sunday, and as it always has, the television network will cater to regional audiences by showing different games in each region.

Which game will be shown in your region, you ask?

The folks at have the answer, as they have created a handy television map displaying each 1 p.m. Sunday game on CBS and which United States county it will be shown in (click on the map for a larger view).

NFL Week 1 Map_1

As the map shows, Patriots-Dolphins will be one of the most-shown games of the afternoon, although there a few pockets in western New England that will be treated to the New York Jets-Oakland Raiders game instead.

While Tennessee-Kansas City takes up a huge swath of middle America, the most popular game on the East Coast will be the AFC North clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns.

506 Sports has also produced maps for rest of the NFL slate, revealing that fans in eastern Massachusetts can flip to the Buffalo Bills-Chicago Bears game on FOX at 1 p.m.

The website notes that all listings are unofficial and subject to change, but it’s definitely a good resource if you’re wondering which game you should be expecting to watch.

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