To say that Roger Goodell was on the hot seat Friday afternoon during his press conference would be an understatement.

Reporters were out for blood.

One of them was CNN’s Rachel Nichols who questioned Goodell about the NFL’s attempts to obtain footage of Ray Rice hitting Janay Palmer when the Atlantic City prosecutor’s office and an open records check said that there was no electronic communication between the casino and the NFL asking for the video.

After stammering his way through an answer for about 30 seconds, Goodell was again grilled by Nichols, who once again brought up the fact that there was no electronic communication between the NFL and the casino. Goodell added that NFL security asked for it on several occasions between February and June.

Goodell didn’t tell the world anything interesting, and he looked nervous and uncomfortable answering the question. Nichols’ questioning put the commissioner in a tough situation.

In fact, someone was so impressed from the way Nichols grilled Goodell, they went and changed the journalist’s job title on her Wikipedia page.

Of course, it was changed back to “journalist” later on, but it was pretty clear that Nichols had her way with Goodell in the press conference.

Thumbnail photo via Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports