Raiders WR James Jones Fumbles Twice On Same Play In Blowout Loss (Video)

James Jones, Johnathan JosephLife with the Oakland Raiders is not fun these days.

The Raiders were on the wrong end of another blowout Sunday, as the Houston Texans went into Oakland and steamrolled the Raiders 30-14. With the loss, the Raiders are now 0-2, and the future doesn’t look much better as they’ll likely be two-touchdown underdogs next weekend against the New England Patriots.

Wide receiver James Jones best personified the team’s ineptitude in the second quarter on Sunday. Jones caught a pass from rookie quarterback Derek Carr, which was a good thing. From there, however, things got ugly quick. Jones fumbled not once, but twice on the play. He fumbled right near the sideline and had the presence of mind to quickly scoop up the ball. He even had some room to run after grabbing the loose ball, but he was caught by a defender.

And fumbled again.

This time around, he wasn’t lucky enough to recover his own fumble. The Texans pounced and regained possession, robbing the Raiders of a chance to get on the board in the final moments of the first half.

Jones was far from the sole reason the Raiders lost. Oakland was bad in every aspect of the game and even allowed Houston defensive end J.J. Watt to score a receiving touchdown early in the game.

The ugly performance led veteran cornerback Charles Woodson to rip the team after the game.

“We suck,” he said.

It’s tough to argue.

(H/t to Deadspin for the Vine)

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