New video of Ray Rice’s alleged beating of his now-wife has emerged, and it doesn’t look good for the Baltimore Ravens running back.

Until now, the only video stemming from the Feb. 15 incident at an Atlantic City casino showed Rice dragging his then-fiancée, Janay Palmer, out of an elevator. She appeared to be unconscious at the time. The NFL eventually suspended Rice for two games for violating the league’s personal-conduct policy.

On Monday morning, however, released a new video of Rice and Palmer from inside the elevator. The shocking video appears to show Rice punching Palmer in the face, with her falling down and appearing to hit her head on the elevator wall.

See the incident below, but be warned that the video is graphic.

Ray Rice -- ELEVATOR KNOCKOUT ... Fiancee Takes Crushing Punch [Video] - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe reached out to the NFL for comment, but the league did not respond.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell defended the suspension in August after taking plenty of criticism from those who felt the suspension was too lenient.

“We can’t just make up the discipline,” Goodell said. “It has to be consistent with other cases. And it was in this matter.”

However, at the end of August, the NFL announced it would be changing its policy in regards to domestic violence. Goodell issued a letter and memo to all 32 teams, admitting he “didn’t get it right” with the Rice suspension. The new NFL rules state an initial domestic violence offense will carry a six-week suspension, and a second offense will call for a lifetime ban.

UPDATE: The NFL released a statement Monday saying they hadn’t seen the video until Monday.