Report: Harvard Stadium Could Host Swimming At 2024 Olympics In Boston

Harvard StadiumWhen it comes to the possibility of Boston hosting the 2024 Olympics, at least one idea is all wet — and we’re not talking about the debate over the feasibility of the city hosting the games.

Historic Harvard Stadium could host swimming events in a prospective Boston Olympiad, according to The Boston Globe. A temporary pool apparently could be constructed at the stadium, which has a 30,323-seat capacity for football games.

Swimming isn’t the only event that could be held at what might be a surprising spot. Boston Common could host beach volleyball, according to the Globe, with main ceremonies being held at a newly built 70,000- to 90,000-seat main stadium that would be downgraded to about 25,000 seats for soccer after the games.

Of course, finding venues would not be the biggest challenge in a potential Boston Olympics. A far greater concern is traffic, which is jammed on even the lightest days in much of the city and surrounding areas.

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