Everyone knows that the only way to prepare for overtime is with some hardcore ab exercises.

OK, maybe that’s only your jam if you’re Seattle Seahawks kicker Steven Hauschka. When the Denver Broncos and Seahawks went to overtime on Sunday, Hauschka went to work on the sideline, engaging in some planks and other core exercises that resembled something like an airplane, just in case he got called upon to attempt the potential game-winning field goal.

Fortunately for us, the CBS cameras spotted Hauschka’s strange routine, but sadly we’ll never know if his core was up to the task as Marshawn Lynch ended the game with a six-yard touchdown run.

GIF via Bleacher Report

The peculiar little workout is apparently not all the rage with kickers around the league, though. The planking, or Hauschka-ing if you will, will not be making its way to the Indianapolis sideline anytime soon.

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