The Golden State Warriors have big plans for a proposed new arena in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco.

For humor’s sake, let’s hope those plans don’t go down the drain.

Oracle Arena has been the Warriors’ home since 1966, so the team called upon the fine folks at Snohetta architectural design company to draw up some concept designs. Here’s what they came up with, courtesy of

Warriors stadium

This arena looks pretty cool. It also looks like a giant toilet.

The Warriors haven’t won an NBA championship since 1975, so maybe the designers are just expressing how they feel about the hometown team. Or maybe they’re starting the latest trend of toilet-shaped stadiums, and everyone else just needs to catch up.

Either way, the fact that no one seemed to recognize this is pretty hilarious. The arena is still in the planning stages, though, so it’s possible these lovely sketches could get flushed away. Here are a few more views of the arena, which can seat 18,000 people in its basin.

Warriors stadium

Warriors stadium3