Newsflash — Marshawn Lynch really likes Skittles.

OK, so maybe it’s not exactly breaking news. The Seattle Seahawks running back’s affinity for the sugary treat is well documented and dates back to his Pop Warner playing days.

Naturally, the candy brand has made the most of Lynch’s love of Skittles, reportedly signing the 28-year-old to a multimillion dollar deal back in January.

So as Beast Mode prepares for the upcoming NFL season, what else would you expect him to use as motivation?


There’s a lot going on here, and it’s all pretty awesome.

First, we have Lynch pedaling on an exercise bike while a bag of Skittles dangles tantalizingly in front of him. Then the Pro Bowler proceeds to perform a variety of power lifts and exercises with huge containers filled with the fruity candy.

It’s all obviously part of a commercial, but given his infatuation for tasting the rainbow, we wouldn’t be surprised if this was part of his actual training regimen.

h/t Next Impulse Sports