A few years ago, a mashup of NBA jerseys and soccer uniforms seemed pretty far-fetched.

The two get-ups, after all, are markedly different, with the NBA’s loose-fitting tank top standing in contrast to soccer’s tighter, sometimes collared short-sleeve shirts.

Yet in 2013, the NBA revealed a bold line of Christmas Day jerseys that looked very similar to those worn on the pitch. And with the recent news that the league likely will follow soccer’s lead and put ads on their jerseys in the next five years, the idea of a basketball-soccer combination isn’t that crazy.

Maybe that was the thought process of graphic designer Emilio Sansolini, who took the time to give each NBA team’s logo and jersey a unique soccer feel on Behance.net. Here’s his version of the Boston Celtics.

Boston Celtics

The new jersey looks pretty cool, so we’ll forgive Sansolini that the Celtics are sponsored by Starbucks and not New England staple Dunkin’ Donuts.

Kobe Bryant is a self-proclaimed soccer fan, so we can see him wanting to get his hands on this slick Los Angeles Lakers jersey.

Los Angeles Lakers

The full gallery is worth checking out, but here are a few more of our favorites.

Brooklyn Nets

Chicago Bulls

Los Angeles Clippers

Toronto Raptors

Sacramento Kings

All photos via Behance.net