NFL: Green Bay Packers at Miami DolphinsThe Miami Dolphins have been plagued by negative headlines in recent seasons, but that doesn’t mean every player is bad news.

In fact, Dolphins rookie linebacker Chris McCain has made a habit out of random acts of kindness.

Well before kickoff at Sun Life Stadium, McCain scans the stands in search of a young fan to invite onto the field. McCain told the team’s website that he does it because he never got the chance to attend an NFL game as a kid, so he wants these fans to have memories that will stick with them.

“I just always wanted to be able to go to a game,” McCain told’s Alain Poupart. “Just try to give back. It’s just something they’ll be able to remember for the rest of their lives. Impact them as much as I can. I love kids. Kids are my weakness. Whatever I can do to send a smile, I’ll do it.”

The experience is good for McCain, too, who told Poupart that it’s an important part of his pregame routine.

“It just helps me get my mind right,” McCain said. “I go out there probably 30 minutes after I get (to the stadium). I’ll go eat, and I’ll go on the field, get a feel for the weather, loosen up my cleats, and then I’ll start searching. If I don’t see a kid, I’ll go back into the locker room for a little bit, stretch for about 30 minutes and I go back out on the field. So I make sure I find somebody.”

McCain also said that he tries to introduce them to a teammate if he can find out their favorite player. However, after an experience like that, it’s likely that some of these kids have a new favorite player in Chris McCain.

Photo via Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports Images