Jake Peavy’s Confusion Leads To Hilarious Blunder In Giants’ NLCS Win


Let?s give Jake Peavy a free pass. His eyesight is terrible.

Travis Ishikawa ripped a walk-off home run Thursday night to clinch an NLCS victory over the St. Louis Cardinals and send the San Francisco Giants to the World Series. The Giants? dugout exploded with jubilation, but Peavy took things a bit too far.

Peavy stormed onto the diamond and bear-hugged Ishikawa between second base and third base. Ishikawa was less than receptive, though obviously excited.

“I didn’t know who it was,” Ishikawa said. “I just knew it was somebody. I didn’t know what the rules were. I know the base coaches are not allowed to touch runners when they are trying to score, so I didn’t know if touching him was going to cost me the home run or something. I was just trying to push him out of the way.”

Ishikawa was concerned that touching Peavy would cost him his game-winning home run. Peavy, meanwhile, was oblivious to the situation, perhaps because his vision admittedly is terrible.

“I hope I wasn’t being disrespectful,” Peavy said, laughing, according to USA TODAY?s Bob Nightengale. “I thought he hit a double off the wall. I thought the game was over. I didn’t know he still had to score.”

As you probably know, Ishikawa ended up scoring. But not before Peavy reminded us all that he?s awesome regardless of the uniform he wears.

Jake Peavy
Jake Peavy
Jake Peavy
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