LeBron James Still Thinks He Plays For Heat, Sets Pick On Teammate (Video)

Much has been made of LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but James did his former team a solid Saturday.

During an exhibition game between the Heat and Cavs played in Rio de Janeiro, LeBron appeared to forget what team he was on when he inadvertently set a pick on teammate MattĀ Dellavedova.

Either that or he was just trying mend fences with his old squad.

James’ screen clearly worked, as it allowed Heat guard Norris Cole to leave Dellavedova in the dust. Unfortunately, forward Luol Deng shot an airball after taking a pass from Cole, foiling LeBron’s plan to let his old mates score.

Despite the best efforts of James, who scored just seven points on 2-of-8 shooting, Cleveland went on to win 122-119 in overtime.

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