NFL’s Continued Increase In Penalties Diminishing Product, Ruining Game


October 14, 2014

Jeff TripletteThe NFL’s TV ratings may be strong, but the league is slowly hurting itself by slowing down the game.

Penalties are up this season, and that’s making for a worse product. Frequent stops in the game make watching a game difficult to say the least, and it may end up driving fans away from the game.

Former NFL player Rocky Boiman wrote on that the NFL’s increase in penalties is “ruining the game.” It’s just too much at this point, Boiman argued.

“The rules have become so subjective, so numerous, and so convoluted that no expert analyst, fan, or even referee knows precisely why a penalty was called anymore!” he writes. “I don?t know about you, but when I?m relaxing watching a game I don?t want to think too much … I just want to enjoy the game.”

Click here to Rocky Boiman’s take on NFL officiating ruining the game >>

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