The Hebron High School football team reinvented the onside kick game.

The Carrollton, Texas, school had a tall task as it hosted the No. 2 team in the country, Allen High School on Friday. Hebron was blasted 44-0, but still might have pulled off the play of the game.

The Hawks pulled off arguably the most creative onside kick we’ve ever seen. All eyes were on the players in the center of the field as they broke the huddle and all approached the kicking tee.

Well, all of the players except for one, that is. Ten of the Hawks gathered in the middle while one player “hid” himself in front of his teammates on the sideline. With all of the attention being paid to the huddle, the hidden player took off down the sideline as the ball was kicked and was able to recover the kick.

(H/t to The Big Lead)