Yet Another Maple Leafs Fan Throws Jersey On Ice In Loss To Red Wings (GIF)


The Toronto Maple Leafs sit at 2-3-0 just two weeks into their NHL season, but some fans are already fed up with the team.

The Maple Leafs were blown out 4-1 Friday night by the Detroit Red Wings.  The loss dropped the Leafs to fifth place in the Atlantic Division as of Oct. 18, and that was enough to push one Leafs fan to the brink.

Yet again, a Leafs fan littered the Air Canada Centre ice surface with a blue Maple Leafs sweater.

Leafs jersey

It’s the second time this season (again, a season that’s just two weeks old) that a Leafs fan has thrown a jersey onto the ice.

At some point, the gesture stops being a powerful protest and instead becomes a petulant cry for attention. Leafs fans are already nearing the latter. It kind of makes you yearn for the waffle-throwing days at the ACC.

GIF via Twitter/@myregularface

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